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EverKey Latest Release Status

Last Updated: April 18, 2016

KeyBuild Version 6 Can Now Build Renew Codes That Expire In 7 Days

KeyBuild Gets Expiring Renew Codes

KeyBuild Gets Expiring Renew Codes

The latest EverKey update to the KeyBuild program restores the option to build Renew Codes that expire in 7 days.  The default is to build Renew Codes that do not expire, but this can be changed from the Preferences panel.  As always, each Renew Code can only be used once before it expires. 

Expiring Renew Codes were actually built by default in EverKey Version 1.0, released in 1990.  However, in those days, a Renew Code was typically sent by fax or post and the resulting delay often caused it to expire before it could be used.  So, Az-Tech removed Expiring Renew Codes in EverKey Version 2.  Now, this feature is being re-introduced, due to recent Customer demand. 

In order to start using Expiring Renew Codes, you must update your KeyBuild and Renew programs to Version 6.7.1 or later.  We have kept all non-Expiring Renew Codes backward compatible, so you will only need to email the new Renew program to EXISTING Customers who will use Expiring Renew Codes.  Of course, for NEW Customers, we always recommend you provide the latest version of the Renew program. 

This Release supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 10, including Pro and Enterprise Editions.  Windows RT (ARM Tablet) is not supported.

Use this link to download the newest KeyBuild and Renew with Expiring Renew Codes.

EverKey Top 10 Requested Features

The next release of EverKey will contain features based on direct Customer Feedback.  Special Thanks to Bert, Chris, Dan, Jill, Kevin, Lance, Mary Ann, Salvador, Thomas and Wayne for all your feedback and suggestions.  Here are the Top-10 requested features for the new release:

  1. The new KeyBuild, KeyCodes and Renew need to be released ASAP.  Approved and Completed. 
  2. EverKey needs to support the Driverless Rockey4ND Key.  Approved and Completed. 
  3. The KeyBuild program needs to be able to program more than one Key at a time.  Approved and Completed. 
  4. Developers need to be able to "burn" User Registration Information into each Key and later retrieve it using KeyChk and KeyShow.  Approved and Completed. 
  5. KeyBuild (which Builds Keys and Renew Codes) needs to support every Kebuild Version 2 command-line option, as well as new ones for building every type of Renew Code.  Approved and Completed. 
  6. Developers need KeyShow to be able to selectively reveal the User-Data for diagnostic purposes.  And this should not require them to disclose the secret Product PIN.  Approved and Completed. 
  7. There needs to be a Mac version of the KeyChk and Renew programs.  Approved, scheduled for 2016. 
  8. Allow the Developer to verify that the End-User has provided the correct Renew Use-Count when requesting a Renew Code.  Approved and Completed. 
  9. Offer a 64-bit version of the KeyChk DLL to support native x64 Applications.  Approved and Completed. 
  10. KeyShow needs to support "Batch Mode" and log all operations to a text file.  Approved and Completed. 

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please send an email to We will respond as quickly as possible.

EverKey New Version Overview

The entire EverKey System has been completely redesigned to support the latest Operating Systems and newest cutting-edge Hardware.  Plus the new User-Interface is written in a language and framework which not only supports Windows, but Mac OS X and Linux as well. 

The new upgrade supports the Rockey4ND Key.  This USB Key does not require ANY Device Drivers to be loaded before it's plugged in.  That makes your Product simpler to use and should dramatically lower the number of Support calls. 

Of course, Rockey4s Keys are still supported, but require Device Drivers to be installed.  The Rockey4 program will do that for you.  If you don't have it, get it here.

All new programs now support Unicode.  This means that fields like "Product-ID", "Encryption-Key", "Description", "Name", "Company", etc. can be entered in the Developer's native language.

Version 6 EverKey supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 10, including Pro and Enterprise Editions.  We are also working on a Mac OS X release and evaluating whether to support Windows RT (ARM Tablet). 

Use this link to see the complete history of Version 6 Release Notes.