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What Is EverKey?

EverKey is a Software Copy Protection System and more.  It protects your intellectual property by allowing you to control where and how your software products are used.  Beyond that, EverKey provides the flexibility to Market your software as a stand-alone package, trial evaluation or bundled with other related products.  The bottom line is that EverKey does the job of enforcing your License Terms so you can focus on what you do best. 

Here is what SD Times says about EverKey:

"EverKey allows fine-grain control of where and how software products are used.  It provides the flexibility to market software as a standalone package, trial evaluation, or bundled with other products.  Using EverKey, it is easy to control execution limits, time limits and feature limits.  The product reduces software piracy risks, helps end customers comply with license agreements, and enables more effective marketing of software products." - SD Times Magazine, August 26, 2014

EverKey handles traditional License Enforcement by making it a snap to setup Execution Limits, Time Limits and Feature Limits.  This not only reduces losses due to software piracy but also helps your Customers comply with their license agreements.  Then EverKey goes a step further by giving you the capability to remotely change, renew or remove the limits via email or phone.

Helping you Market your Product is another area where EverKey excels.  There are 16 built-in Feature-Flags that let you Promote or Cross-Sell any way you want.  And the best part is that you don't have to plan everything in advance.  Our proven Renew technology allows you to turn Features or Products On or Off with a simple code delivered by Email or Phone.  That means that you can ship your Products now and then later decide to offer Specials or Add-On Discounts. 

EverKey utilizes the most advanced technology available to protect your Product and keep it secure.  By combining the strength of hardware with the flexibility of software, we can offer an unprecedented level of compatibility and security.  YOUR Product deserves nothing less!

Here's how EverKey works

First, you use the KeyBuild program to Build a unique Key for your Product.  You specify things like your Product Name, starting Serial Number, and any Limits you want to place on the Key.  Of course, you can also store Registration Information, Feature-Flags, and any Secret information that your program needs to run.  You don't have to worry about keeping track of all this.  KeyBuild saves everything in a Product Options File.  By default, it also records all program activity in a Log file, so you can always see exactly what was done and when it was done.  Finally, you supply a Product "secret" so your Keys are unique and cannot be duplicated.

Second, you add one or more "Key Checks" to your program to verify the presence of your unique Key.  To make this as easy as possible, we've provided a number of Examples in various languages that can be copied and pasted.  However, it is important to point out that since this step is under your control, the security of your Product is much stronger than if we provided an automated way of protecting your software.  After all, only you will know how many of these KeyChk Calls (checks for the Key) are in your program and when they are executed. 

At the same time your program does a KeyChk Call, it will also be retrieving the Customer's Registration and Product information.  These are items like Customer Name, Company Name, Contact Info, Product Name, Serial Number, Execution Limit, Time Limit, Feature-Flags and any Secret information you might have stored in the Key. 

Your program containing the KeyChk Calls can be freely copied, backed up and restored with no restrictions or special considerations.  However, any copy of your protected program will require the presence of your unique Key.  And since the Key can only be in one place at one time, you can be assured that your licensing terms are being enforced at the Customer site.

After the Product is Installed at the Customer site, our Renew program can be used to modify the Options in the Key.  Renew allows you to modify the Execution Limit, Time Limit or Feature-Flags, which are all securely stored in the Key.  Execution and Time Limits can be extended or removed.  Each one of the 16 Feature-Flags might represent additional Product options or Add-On Products.  All 16 Flags can be individually or collectively turned On or Off with a single Renew Code

The KeyBuild program allows you to Build a Renew Code that performs a specific modification to the Key Options.  You can also specify that the Renew Code is unique to that Customer's Key.  So, no one else can use the Renew Code and even the Customer can only use the Renew Code once.  Renew Codes are 15-digits long (3 groups of 5 digits), so you can easily deliver them by Email or Phone.  Once the Customer has the Renew Code, they run the Renew program, enter the code, and their Key is updated. 

At any time, the KeyShow program may be used to display the non-Secret information in your Keys.  This includes the Serial Number, current Uses Limit, Time Limit, Expiration Date, Feature-Flags and Registration Information.  It will also report the current status of the Keys, i.e. whether they are AOK or Expired.  This utility program is so useful that many Developers redistribute it to their Users as an easy-to-use diagnostic tool. 

EverKey Main Features


EverKey can protect virtually any executable program that exists in the Windows world.  Currently, EverKey supports programs that run in the following environments: Older versions of Windows and DOS are still supported by EverKey Version 2. 

May 2022 Update:
Get the latest compatibility information here.


EverKey protects your Product without interferring with its normal operation.  Users can backup, restore and move your Product as often as necessary.  And they can plug the Key into any available USB port because EverKey scans ALL the ports on a PC. 

Time Limits

EverKey allows you to create fully functional Demos or Rental versions of your software.  Your software will stop running on a particular day or number of days.  Customers wanting to purchase or continue to lease your Product can enter a unique Renew Code which can either extend or remove the Time Limits.  This Renew Code is provided by you via phone or email with no shipping charges or delays! 

Uses Limits

EverKey can also build a Uses Limit into your Product which will limit the total number of times that your protected Product can be used.  Like Time Limits, this is also a great option for building fully funtional Demos or Rental versions of your software.  And, of course, this Uses Limit may be extended or removed via phone or email using our Renew program. 

Protect Multiple Products For The Same Customer With a Single Key

Each EverKey Rockey supports 16 Feature-Flags to make it easy to sell add-on Products without shipping a new Key.  Each one of the 16 Flags might represent additional Product options or Add-On Products.  Feature-Flags can be individually or collectively turned On, Off or Toggled with a single Renew Code.  Also, they can be retrieved with a KeyChk call and displayed with the KeyShow program.

Serialization & Registration

EverKey makes it very easy to embed specific and unique information into every Product you ship.  This information can be as generic as a Serial Number or as unique as the User's Name, Company and Contact Info.  This data is encrypted and totally secured within the Key.  Any attempt to change it will result in an Error indicating that the Key was illegally modified.  If desired, you may display the registration information each time your program is used. 

Network Compatibility

EverKey makes it easy to control network Products.  Just issue one Key for each workstation that needs to access your Product.  Nothing needs to be installed to the network server.  And you don't have to worry about redirected or captured ports or which port the Key is installed to.  EverKey scans ALL the ports on a PC. 

Protect Multiple Keys At One Time

You can program up to 10 Keys at a time, giving each one a different Serial Number.  For high-volume, production environments, KeyBuild supports Batch Mode which includes every option used by the GUI version of the program.  The Logging functionality records all program activity in an easy to read text format, so you will always have a record of exactly what was done and when it was done. 

Full Support For Electronic Upgrades

EverKey allows you to deliver your Product upgrades via Internet or email as a standard option.  There is no need to ship another Key, which saves you both time and money! 

All Colors Are Stocked

USB Rockeys are available in seven translucent colors: Green, Blue, Gray, Purple, Brown, Red and Teal.  And each one comes with a free matching Dust Cap.  All colors are stocked and there's no charge for mixing colors in the same order. 

One Year Hardware Warranty

EverKey hardware comes with a full one year warranty.  If a device fails due to a manufacturing defect (not physical abuse) within one year of purchase, Az-Tech will replace it free of charge according to our Return Merchandise Policy.

EverKey Hardware

The EverKey hardware devices are called Keys or Rockeys and plug into a USB Port or Hub.  Each Key contains a custom microprocessor, EEPROM memory and specialized circuitry for random number generation.  This hardware is Seriously Secure.  The Key has a translucent plastic case that allows it's LED indicator to be seen when the device is in use.  Also, the case design allows the device to be strung on a key ring to support a "Floating License".

EverKey Rockey Keys have been available in two different models.  An older Rockey4 Key was sold until May 2022 for compatibility with existing Apps.  The newer Rockey4ND Keys are much faster and have more memory.  They also eliminate the number-one Support issue of requiring Device Drivers to be installed at the Customer site.  With no Device Drivers to install, the number of Support calls is greatly reduced. 

You access all types of Rockeys exactly the same way.  So, it doesn't matter to your protected program what type of Key is used, as long as it contains your unique Product information.  This allows you to upgrade from older hardware with little or no impact to your Product documentation or procedures. 

Rockeys are available in seven translucent colors: Green, Blue, Gray, Purple, Brown, Red and Teal.  And each one comes with a free matching Dust Cap.  And there's no charge for mixing colors in the same order. 

Rockeys can be used on USB Ports and Hubs v1.x thru v3.1.  They support all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 11, including Home, Pro and Enterprise Editions.  Windows RT (ARM Tablet) is not supported.

Even with all these advanced features, Rockeys are very competitively priced.

EverKey Rockey Technical Specifications
Specification Rockey4 Rockey4ND
CPU Type 20 pin, 8-bit
User Memory 128 Bytes 1260 Bytes
KeyChk Call
Average Time*
1840ms (Func 1)
156ms (Func 4)
221ms (Func 1)
15ms (Func 4)
Maximum Rockeys
per Computer
Casing Hard Molded Polycarbonate,
Tamper Evident
Case Colors Green, Blue, Gray, Purple,
Brown, Red, Pink and Turquoise
Connector Type USB Type A
USB Versions
1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
Minimum Operating Voltage 5 Volts
Current Usage
Less than 50ma
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 70°C (32 ~ 158°F)
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 80°C (14 ~ 176°F)
Memory Cell Rewrites At least 100,000 Times,
Wear Leveling Used
to Maximize Device Life
Memory Data Retention At Least 10 Years
50 x 17 x 7 mm
1.97 x 0.67 x 0.28 inches
6 grams
* Using Windows 8/11 Pro x64 with USB 3.x Port

EverKey Rockey Certifications

Compatible With Windows 8 Compatible With Windows 7 Certified for Windows Vista Designed for Microsoft Windows XP
Federal Communications Commission Approved Rockey RoHS Information European Conformity Certification Free of Conflict Minerals

EverKey Accessories

Split-Rings make it easier to attach Rockeys to a key chain.  Each one is 1/2 inch in diameter and nickel plated.  You can buy Split-Rings either attached or unattached.  A matching Dust Cap for each Rockey is included free of charge.

USB Extension Cables allow easy access to a USB port when the desktop or laptop computer only has I/O ports on the rear of the machine.  These cables are 6 foot long and can be used with Rockeys on USB Ports and Hubs v1.1 thru v3.1.

Using an extension cable is also a good idea if you are programming a large number of Rockeys since it will reduce wear-and-tear on your USB port connector.

Get Started With EverKey

Here is what you will need to get started protecting your programs with EverKey:

EverKey Prices

EverKey Rockey Prices
Quantity Purchased Rockey4ND
Price Each
10-99 $24.00
100-499 $22.00
500-999 $20.00
1,000+ $18.00
EverKey Accessory Prices
Item Price Each
Split-Rings (Unattached) $0.35
Split-Rings (Attached) $0.95
USB Extension Cable $10.00

When Ordering Rockeys, please specify your color preference.  Standard Colors are Green and Blue.  Gray, Purple, Brown, Red and Teal may be temporarily out-of-stock due to supply-chain issues since Covid-19. There is no charge for mixing colors in the same order.  Every Rockey comes with a free Dust Cap of the same color. 
All Rockeys are shipped without labels.

These prices are based on a quantity per order, are not cumulative and do not include shipping charges.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars and subject to change without notice.

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The latest version of the EverKey Software Copy Protection and electronic version of the User's Manual is always available (Free) from our Downloads page.