Az-Tech Headquarters
Az-Tech Headquarters

Az-Tech Software, Inc. was founded in March, 1986.  We are located in the small town of Richmond, Missouri, with a population of approximately 6,000.  Richmond is less than an hour's drive northeast of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

We produced and shipped our first product called EVERLOCK on May 3rd, 1986.  This was the most End-User Friendly Software-Based Copy Protection System available for the IBM PC.  It turned out to be an immediate success.  Az-Tech then released EVERTRAK in July, 1988.  The functionality of this product was later rolled into EVERLOCK.  In December of 1990, EverKey, our Software Copy Protection System, was released.  Just before the Internet started to boom, in 1993, we released Safe-D, our Secure Electronic Distribution System.

In 2002, Az-Tech became a partner with Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.  Feitian has been a leading provider of security products in China since 1998.  We still continue to sell our own EverKey product as well as the excellent Feitian security devices.

Az-Tech Opens Las Vegas Office
Az-Tech Opens
Las Vegas Office

To handle it's growing USA business, Az-Tech opened a Las Vegas office in 2013.  This office is primarily dedicated to handling the Orders and Shipping Operations.  With many more daily flights and far fewer weather delays, McCarran International Airport allows us to to give our Customers the best shipping rates and the fastest possible service.

In 2013, Az-Tech began selling it's products online with our own web store.  By the end of 2014, we had expanded our online sales through other channels, like  Since then, we have expanded our range of products with our own AzTechGear brand and also the MiLi brand, known for its high-tech health and skin care accessories for smartphones.

Email Addresses

Payment, Billing and RMA Address

Az-Tech Software, Inc.
870 N Miramar Ave Ste 301
Indialantic, FL 32903-3054
(Commercial Address)

Corporate Office

Az-Tech Software, Inc.
201 East Franklin Street, Suite 11
Richmond, MO 64085-1893

Phone & Fax Numbers

  • Phone: 816-533-7206
  • Fax: 816-533-7218

Office Hours:

  • Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • USA Central Time (GMT-06:00)