MiLi Skinmate UV Detector
MiLi Skinmate UV Detector
MiLi Skinmate Portable UV Detector and Tracker
 The MiLi Skinmate:
  • Detects and Measures the Sun’s Harmful Ultraviolet UV Rays so you can Protect Yourself, your Family and Friends
  • Suggests what SPF Level of Sunscreen Protection to use and lets you set a Reminder when to re-apply more
  • Small and Lightweight so you can carry it while Sunbathing, Golfing, Hiking, Skiing, Traveling or just Walking in the Sun
  • A Free Android SmartPhone App is available and the Free iPhone App supports Apple Health to Record and Track all UV Readings
  • Attractive White Jewelry Box makes a great Gift for any Skincare Fan
  • It’s Not Just For Skin! You can test the UV effectiveness of sun protection products. So, before you buy your next pair of Sunglasses, Hat, Umbrella or Window Tint, use the MiLi Skinmate to test them first.


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