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What is EverKey?

  • Software License Manager.
  • Control where and how your Software Products are used.
  • Create Trial Evaluation Packages.
  • Provides Flexible Marketing Options.
  • Reduce Losses due to Software Piracy.
  • Let EverKey Enforce your License so you can focus on your Product.

What Can You Do With EverKey?

  • Limit Number of Program Runs.
  • Limit Program Operation by Expire-Date or Total Number of Days.
  • Enable or Disable Program Features.
  • Remotely Change, Renew or Remove any Limits built into Keys.
  • Burn Customer Registration Name, Company and Contact Info into Keys.

 Heartbleed Vulnerability Does NOT Affect Az-Tech Store

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - April 11, 2014

The Heartbleed vulnerability is a serious Bug in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.  This weakness allows stealing information that is protected by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. 

We would like to assure all our Customers that the Az-Tech Website and Az-Tech Store DOES NOT use the OpenSSL library that contains the Heartbleed vulnerability. 

You are safe on the Az-Tech Website and Az-Tech Store.  However, OpenSSL is a widely used library that affects many websites.  Unless your other websites explicitly state that they are not affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability, we recommend that you CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. 

Store Not Affected By Heartbleed Vulnerability

Feitian Exhibits At RSA For 11th Straight Year

SAN FRANCISCO, California - February 24, 2014
Feitian and Az-Tech At RSA 2014

Feitian and Az-Tech
At RSA 2014

Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd. exhibited at the 2014 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco from February 24th through 28th.  This is the 11th year in a row that Feitian has been an Exhibitor at the conference.  The main Feitian Booth (1117) was in the Partner Pavilion.  You could also find them representing OATH at Booth 709 and OASIS at Booth 1909, both in the South Expo Hall. 

RSA 2014 Logo

Each year, security experts from all over the world gather at the RSA Conference to obtain the latest tools and information to protect their organization and Customers.  This year marks the 23rd year of the conference with 604 Speakers, over 400 Exhibitors, 410 Educational Sessions and a crowd of more than 28,500 Attendees. 

This conference provided the perfect meeting venue for Feitian and Az-Tech to discuss current and future security trends and products.  The two companies have been partners since 2002. 


EverKey Renew Version 6 Released

Support for Rockey4NDs, Feature-Flags, Logging and More

RICHMOND, Missouri - February 9, 2014
EverKey Renew Version 6

EverKey Renew Version 6

Az-Tech has released the first major upgrade to the Renew program since Version 2.  This version adds many new features, yet has a much simpler User Interface.  And we have made it very easy to upgrade since backward compatibility is maintained with all Keys and Renew Codes built by EverKey Version 2.

Renew now works with the Newer and Faster Driverless Rockey4ND Keys.  Still, older Rockey4 Keys produced by any version of EverKey are fully supported.

To support the expanded Marketing capabilities of EverKey Version 6, this release allows Renew to update the new Feature-Flags.  These flags can be individually or collectively turned On, Off or Set with a single Renew Code. 

Renew now supports Logging which is turned Off by default.  When turned On, all program activity is stamped with the local Date and Time so you have an easy-to-read record of exactly what was done and when it was done. 

There are many more Major Improvements in this Release.  The complete Release Notes are here.

This Release supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 8.1, including Pro and Enterprise Editions.  Windows RT (ARM Tablet) is not supported.

Renew v6 is available now from the Downloads page of 


Conflict Minerals Disclosure Now Required

Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Requires Filing By May 31, 2014

RICHMOND, Missouri - January 1, 2014
Free of Conflict Minerals

Effective May 31, 2014, all publicly traded companies must disclose the use of "Conflict Minerals" in their products.  Under Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, these "Conflict Minerals" include tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten (also known as "3TG").  The European Union has similar legislation pending. 

These 3TG metals have been labeled "Conflict Minerals" because they are mined and sold from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries, where some of the trading of these metals is controled by armed groups who use extreme levels of violence and have little respect for human rights. 

Even though Az-Tech is not a publicly traded company, we are committed to legal compliance, including the due diligence and disclosure requirements to ensure that all our products and components are DRC Conflict Free. 

Az-Tech will not knowingly use any products with 3TG metals from sources that fund conflict and we will continue to work diligently to obtain disclosures from our vendors confirming that they do likewise. 

For more information, please refer to our Compliance page of


EverKey KeyBuild Version 6 Released

Support for Rockey4NDs, Multiple Build, Feature-Flags and More

RICHMOND, Missouri - November 19, 2013
EverKey KeyBuild Version 6

EverKey KeyBuild Version 6

Az-Tech has Released the first major upgrade to the KeyBuild program since Version 2.  This version adds new functionality and enhances the existing features of the last release.  Best of all, backward compatibility is maintained for existing Customers. 

KeyBuild now supports the newer Rockey4ND Keys, which are Faster and have More Memory.  They also eliminate the number-one Support issue of requiring Device Drivers to be installed at the Customer site.  KeyBuild still supports Rockey4 Keys which are backward compatible with ALL Version 2 programs. 

One of the most requested features was to be able to program more than one Key at a time.  The new KeyBuild allows you to program up to 10 Keys at a time, giving each one a different Serial Number.  For high-volume, production environments, we have expanded Batch Mode support to include every option used by the GUI version of KeyBuild.  The enhanced Logging functionality records all program activity in an easy to read text format, so you will always have a record of exactly what was done and when it was done. 

EverKey Driverless Key

There are many more Major Improvements in this Release.  Get the Full Story here.

KeyBuild v6 is available now from the Downloads page of  It works with your existing Options files and Rockey4 Keys, but we recommend you try the faster, driverless Rockey4NDs.  They are available from Az-Tech's online store at  All Store orders include Free 2-Day Air Shipping anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. 


 EverKey Rockey4NDs Now Available In Online Store

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - November 14, 2013

EverKey Rockey4ND Keys are now available for purchase from Az-Tech's Online Store at  Up to now, they have only been available as a special order item to Customers using our EverKey Pre-Programming Service.  All Store orders include Free 2-Day Air Shipping anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. 

Rockey4NDs are available in six translucent colors: Green, Blue, Gray, Purple, Brown and Red. And each one comes with a free matching Dust Cap.  All colors are stocked and there's no charge for mixing colors in the same order. 

EverKey Logo

Az-Tech Online Store Now Open

Get FREE Air Shipping To Anywhere In The United States

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - April 29, 2013
Az-Tech Online Store

Az-Tech Online Store

Az-Tech has now opened it's online Store making it easier than ever to order our great Security Products.  And, when ordering Online, you get fast FREE 2-Day Air Shipping to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

For now, the Az-Tech Store can only be used by Customers with a USA shipping address.  Later this year, the Store will be opened to other countries.

The Az-Tech Store has EverKey Rockeys with Dust Caps in all 6 Translucent colors.  And we stock large quantities of all Products and Colors so your order is usually shipped within 24 hours of placement.

The Az-Tech Store uses Extended Validation SSL to display a "Green Bar" and Padlock in the browser, so you can see at a glance that you are getting the strongest protection available against Phishing attacks and session eavesdropping.  And we accept all Major Credit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 

Here are some Great Advantages to Ordering Online:

If 2-Day Air Shipping isn't fast enough, the Store also offers Next Day Air Shipping to anywhere in the United States for just $29.  And, of course, that includes Alaska and Hawaii. 

You can visit Az-Tech's new Online Store at Upgraded To EV SSL Security

Green URL Bar Assures High Security While On Az-Tech Web Sites

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - February 14, 2013 Green Bar Security! Green Bar Security!

The website has been upgraded to use an Extended Validation SSL Security Certificate. 

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are the next generation of SSL certificates because they work with high security Web Browsers to clearly display a Website owner's identity.  Not only is the name of the website owner clearly displayed, but the address bar turns green to identify this site as having an EV SSL Certificate.  And of course, the familiar Padlock is displayed as an icon of trust. 

Although regular SSL Certificates cause the Browser to display a Padlock, the address bar does not turn green and the website Visitor is not shown the identity of the website owner. 

Every day since June 2011, the entire site has been scanned for malware.  By combining this daily malware scan with the highest class of SSL certificate, Az-Tech has really stepped up the level of protection for Visitors to

Get the Full Story here.

Az-Tech Opens New Office In Las Vegas

New Shipping Office Allows Lower Rates and Faster Service

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - January 1, 2013
Az-Tech Opens Las Vegas Office

Az-Tech Opens Las Vegas Office

Az-Tech is very happy to announce the opening of a new office in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

This office will be primarily dedicated to handling the Orders and Shipping Operations for Az-Tech's growing U.S.A. business. 

The Las Vegas office is in the Pacific Time zone which is two hours earlier than the Richmond office located in Central Time.  This allows the cutoff time for Orders to be changed from Noon to 2pm, resulting in more orders shipped on the same day they are received. 

Additionally, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas supports more daily flights to more locations than the Kansas City airport.  And since Las Vegas is the second Sunniest city in the United States, there are very few weather delays to slow down outgoing shipments.

The bottom line is that this new office will allow Az-Tech to give their Customers the best shipping rates and the fastest possible service. 

Get the Full Story here.